Urban Timber’s first foray into a retail space was a huge success. The pop-up shop, located outside David Jones in Wollongong Central, ran for a week before Christmas.

A king-sized bed was on display along with a large family dining table, coffee tables, mirrors, chopping-boards, platters and Urban Timber’s recent furniture-art creations.

Pop-Up Shop

There was plenty of interest in the furniture and potential customers made enquiries and took business cards.

‘The linen and home furnishings complemented the rustic furniture,’ said Pam King. ‘Our new banner looked great and the shop colours blended beautifully with the Christmas trees.’









Furniture makers Shane King and Jeff Phillips attended on the Thursday evening for ‘Meet the Makers.’ They fielded questions about all sorts of custom-designed furniture-making, from dining tables to vanities and bed heads.

Staffing the shop became a family affair, and Seamus King helped out whenever he could.

‘Thanks to all the customers and friends who visited us in the pop-up shop,’ Pam said. ‘The experience was so positive, it’s inspired us to set up a permanent shop or showroom.’