We were happy to be featured in Pytha Australia news item this month as a feastured user.

Below is the article.

Urban Timber is a proud Australian company that is offering unique furniture and joinery products to the coastal region of Illawarra, NSW and beyond.

With a renowned fine artist and a meticulous engineer at the helm, Urban Timber’s team of passionate furniture makers have been delivering beautifully made, bespoke furniture pieces and detailed joinery to their clients for a number of years.

Director Pam King’s creative genius brings a truly unique appeal to her furniture designs, and her natural design flair and sensitive appreciation of colour and texture are always valued by clients.  Pam’s husband and co-director, Shane, has a background in engineering, and his fastidious attention to detail ensures Pam’s designs are brought to life without structural compromise, and built to last a lifetime.

With their end products always being the exact opposite of ‘off the shelf’, Urban Timber needed a software program that could be uniquely customized, and PYTHA was a perfect fit.

Having used a competitor’s product for some twenty years beforehand, Shane admits that the transition was challenging.  Designing in 3D was a little disconcerting at first, and it took Shane around a month to get his head around the alternative views. When he’d conquered the tools, however, he says there was no turning back!

After 18 months of using PYTHA (from the front end to the back, with seamless integration to CNC), the Urban Timber team can’t imagine their business without it.  They encourage clients to visit their showroom to see, touch and smell the beautiful hardwood and recycled timbers used; showing them perfectly rendered images of their furniture completes the experience and – without fail – clenches the sale.

If you’re considering investing in PYTHA, Shane has a few words to share:

‘Purchasing PYTHA is a leap of faith, but once you get there, there won’t be any other product for you!’