We are a bespoke furniture maker based in Wollongong, creating custom pieces with designs ranging from rustic to contemporary. We provide detailed joinery and cabinetry and manufacture to specifications. If you’re looking for a feature piece for your home or workplace, or, if you want new furniture to match existing items, we can work together to design dining tables, bathroom vanities, wardrobes, entertainment units and much more.

At Urban Timber, we strive for sustainable solutions, using recycled timber and reclaimed felled trees. We use Australian hardwoods and can incorporate other innovative materials including concrete, laminates, steel and textiles. We love the frisson that emanates when unusual materials are combined.

We are proud to provide employment for local people and have built a business to survive the boom and busts of the Illawarra area.  We take pride in everything we do.

Everything is made in our Wollongong-based factory and normal hours of operation are Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 4.00 pm. You are welcome to visit to discuss your ideas or a project, but please call us to arrange a time just in case we are out installing a job.

meet the urban timber team


Pam is the creative force of the company. She was classically trained in the arts and graduated with a degree in Textile Design from Liverpool University in the United Kingdom.

Pam started off advising Urban Timber on proportions, timber selection & colours. She quickly became more involved in the business and brings to it her design flair, colour sense and overall look and feel. She has a clear head for detail and is in charge of design, marketing and sales.

“I love collaborating with the team and clients to create that perfect piece.”

Over the last 20 years she has practiced as an artist and exhibited in a number of prominent galleries. Pam has sold her work locally and internationally. She has also taught art and design at secondary and tertiary level.

Her art can be viewed at www.pamelaking.com.au.


Shane is the drive of the workshop, the one with the dreams, the ideas and the vision. He loves working with people to come up with the best design. Shane loves using recycling timber in furniture building and working out the best way to make things.  He respects the age old methods of joinery but is driven in using new technologies to make the best product. He recognises that businesses need to be sustainable and offer products that compete with modern day imports.

Shane completed an engineering and finance degree back in the 90’s. He used those skills to work in a number of industries including building large wind farms in the rolling hills of Scotland.

In 2010, Shane decided he needed to get closer to the tools and retrained as a furniture/cabinet maker. He identified an opportunity in the Illawarra market for custom made furniture and was tired of seeing all the imported short life pieces being offered.

Shane is driven to make Urban Timber a successful Illawarra business. He employs locally, training young, enthusiastic and gifted kids to become the makers of the future.

Pam and Shane work well together,  with Shane’s engineering background and joinery skills and Pam’s creative energy and flair.

mitch & jake

Mitch and Jake are great employees for Urban Timber, they are the wheels behind the scenes.  They are both young local guys who have a desire to produce a great product.  Both are currently being trained in the Urban Timber way of life and will be fully qualified in a few years.

Jake has a passion for beards, trucks and all things  technical such as Pytha, CAD and CNC machining.

Mitch is the steady hand of the shop, a bit quieter but always there early ensuring the shop is ready to go. He is a great rugby league player.

Urban Timber believe greatly in not only offering employment but providing the right shop and TAFE training to be qualified and also become great at what they do.


Megan is an essential member of the team. She manages a variety of tasks in the office and keeps us filed, organised and on schedule. Megan has extensive bookkeeping experience and a helpful, can-do attitude.

the King & Ayres Team

Urban Timber is delighted to work with Peter and Cindy Ayres and their son, Hayden, as part of our new shop and showroom: King & Ayres Interiors. All the lads are pictured here outside the shop on 3 Victoria Street, Wollongong.

It has been great working with Shane and the Urban Timber Team. We are delighted with our Singer Table top and it matches the machine perfectly. You can see its more of a calling to Shane than a job.
Glen McGuiness