Do you freight  Australia wide ?

Yes we do freight Australia wide. We pass the cost directly onto the customer and therefore do not have a set rate as we want to keep it as affordable as possible.


Do you deliver locally?

We deliver free in the Illawarra


Do you do home visits ?

We love to come to the space and meet our clients and understand their needs. It is difficult to design the piece without that. This service is free in the Illawarra area.




Do you use a stain?

Pam has developed a range of blends to enhance the features of the timber. Each piece is stained by hand and as such the attention to detail of that type of application. The main ones we use are smoke and limewash. We strive to have the perfect finish for your environment. Variation can occur as a result of the different types of timber used including variation across recycled or new timber


Do you have a showroom ?

We currently do not have a showroom but we do have a range of some of our products and wood samples and other resources displayed in our workshop. We would love to show you our work place and discuss some of the timbers we use and pieces we have made.


Where is your timber sourced?

Our timber is sourced from yards locally and from recycle centres in the Illawarra,Sydney and Melbourne. We try to buy in bulk to allow us to pass on the best timber cost. We also work with local arborists to save trees that are destined for landfill. These trees are then milled locally and then put down for air drying for a few years. This allows us to create a reclaimed product.

What is your design process?

Given our backgrounds we know the importance of preparation and detail and as such we work hard with our customers to work out the best design. We use 2 forms of design depending on the piece,either hand drawn sketches (more likened to art pieces) and we use pytha which is a cutting edge software package which allows us to visualise finishes and detail for manufacture.

Why do you choose the timber you do ?

The timbers are chosen to match a particular timber in a place or room and these timbers are usually sourced from wholesalers. However we find working with recycled timber,timber that has been salvaged from warehouse,commercial buildings,houses etc are timbers that have history and as such portay this history in the piece we make. The timbers vary

in tone and character but the randomness of the timber is drawn together in the design and form the single piece drawn from an eclectic path. There is great satisfaction in making something out of recycled wood uncovering the underneath but with the life of bruises still shown in the nail holes and saw marks.

What if I want a low level of variability in my product?

Timber is timber and generally full of character especially if its recycled.

Choose from select grade timber and new rather than recycled as this has less feature in it. Victoria Ash and Tasmanian Oak are good examples.