We use a product called OSMO POLYX  OIL on our wooden furniture and we have found it to be an excellent product.   It uniquely combines the advantages of natural oils and waxes in a single product and allows the furniture to age nicely rather than aging badly,  We mainly use semi matt and satin but  there is also a  gloss and semi gloss and  a product for  wet areas and wooden floors.  We give our customers a bottle of special Osmo cleaning products to be used on their furniture to ensure easy care and other rejuvenating products can be bought in our workshop.


On these blackwood stacking tables we have used a semi gloss finish


This customer had Jimmy Possom furniture in a bluey grey finish.

We managed to match it perfectly by developing this finish which we have called ‘SMOKE’

We made a side buffet and coffee table. They are the’Olive’ range.


We endeavor to use recycled materials and like to experiment with paint finishes to achieve the desired effect


The Oakley table has a limewash finish in a matt coat of Osmo Polyx Oil


This recycled rosewood table has been sandblasted to create the desired effect