We love working with various materials and it inspires our work. These are some of the products we use in our custom made furniture to achieve that perfect piece. Have a look at the various links to see how the materials can be used

Polytec produce a great range of commercial and residential melamine and laminate products


Valchromat is an innovative product that combines the natural features of wood with bright colours. Because of its unique flexibility it  allows you to explore the third dimension, the beauty of textures and the best of engineering.


Bamboo ply is like hardwood in sheet form and can be worked with traditional hand tools as well as modern methods

Wilson Art produce a great range of laminates including concrete tops that look and feel like real concrete.


FENIX NTM – a super opaque nanotech material- is an innovative interior design product that combines elegant aesthetic

solutions with state of the art technological performance. It is suitable for both vertical and horizontal use.


We endeavour to use art and textiles combined with recycled wood

watch this space……