Craig and Heidi Suddick are retrophiles, but they’re not rusted onto any particular era. Since 2003 they have lovingly restored their c.1900’s cottage, collecting furniture and decor to achieve a warm, retro-chic home. Right down to the 1937 Dodge Fargo parked out front.

Suddick's house

The master bedroom features ornate pressed metal ceilings and romantic 1930’s furniture and the open lounge/living area has a 1950s feel with clean lines, bright colours and warm lighting.

When the time came to renovate their kitchen, Craig and Heidi were keen to continue the retro theme.

‘The original kitchen had a chimney and fuel stove, but these had been replaced in the 1950s. We had the red dining suite and that started the idea of a 50’s-style diner but it was difficult finding the right company to do the job,’ said Craig.

Urban Timber created a new and improved version of the original kitchen, keeping the quintessential 50’s design of curved countertop corners with matching shelving above and below.

‘The red and white colour combination is fun and vibrant. It really draws you into the kitchen,’ said Urban Timber’s Jeff Phillips. ‘And the high gloss finish on the cupboard doors looks spectacular with the black and white checkered floor.’

The kitchen features a two-door pantry with vintage port-hole venting, ribbed glass cupboards above the benchtop, and drawer/cupboard combinations below.

‘The solid timber frame, with panel front construction was common in kitchen design until the 1960s.’ said Urban Timber’s Shane King. ‘We installed solid timber drawers of Tasmanian oak running on waxed oak runners.’

The aluminium edged countertop, boomerang cupboard handles, and vintage design hinges add authenticity to the 50’s diner look.

‘Laminated plastic kitchen surfaces were new in the 50s and 60s replacing the solid benchtops common until the mid-nineteenth century,’ said Shane.

The kitchen is completed by cherry-red Smeg appliances and the Suddick’s carefully sourced collectables, not to mention their super-cute beagle, Tuji.

‘Urban Timber made our dream come true,’ said Heidi. ‘They went above and beyond in helping us and we are so grateful. Our kitchen is more beautiful than we had ever thought possible and our friends and family are amazed at its finish.’

Special thanks to Larry at IC Visual Photography.