We make our furniture out of a variety of timber types.  These include but not limited to the following..

red iron bark

eucalyptus sideroxylon

this is a very distinctive and valued australian timber with colours from dark red to red brown.

the tree is easily recognised by its battle ready tough grey bark.



sydney blue gum

eucalyptus saligna

the timber ranges from a dark pink to a reddish brown

tallow wood

eucalyptus microcorys

this timber is a very hard and durable timber and colours range from pale to dark yellow brown

with occasional tinges of olive green


eucalyptus marginata

this timber is a well known WA timber with colours of dark red to pale yellow


tasmanian oak


tasmanian oak is a versatile attractive and readily available australian hardwood timber.

it is light in colour and ranges from straw to reddish brown with hues of pink

spotted gum

corymbia maculata

spotted gum timbers are available in a range of colours depending on the location of the source forest

the heartwood ranges from light browns to deep red brown hues


coymbia calophylla

marri is a highly distinctive bloodwood from western australia

and hard to source. it has a large number of gum veins through it

camphor laurel

cinnamonum camphora

a beautiful honey coloured timber streaked with darker brown and red.

all camphor laurel wood features have a characteristic camphor smell that repels moths and other insects

making it perfect for clothes storage cabinets.

rosewood new guinea

pterocarpus indicus

a very popular hardwood for furniture with colours of golden brown to dark red.

freshly cut timber has a strong fragrance.

american white oak


this wood ranges from  light to dark brown in colour

its from a hardwood species from estern USA



tasmanian blackwood

acacia melanoxylon

blackwood has a lovely appearance and is a rich golden brown

its grain can be straight or wavy fiddleback which is valued for furniture and veneers.

american black walnut

juglans nigra

this timber is a prized timber for furniture and cabinet making and is

native to the easten region of the USA