Urban Timber uses and recommends Osmo finishes to protect and sustain custom-built timber furniture. Wood is an organic material and can absorb and release moisture. Osmo products support the natural properties of wood and allow it to breathe.

Osmo is a blend of natural oils (sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle) and waxes. It is a natural alternative to polyurethane and finishes include semi matt (most popular), satin and high gloss.

The oils enhance the tone of the wood and pigments are free from harmful heavy metals. The product is approved by the Australian Food Industry as safe for tables or surfaces where food is prepared or served.

‘At the completion of the construction process, we apply two coats of Osmo by hand. Using a brush ensures attention to detail and a seamless finish,’ said Urban Timber’s Pam King. ‘For vanities and kitchen benchtops, we apply a water-proofer first.’

The key benefit of an Osmo finish is the two levels of protection it provides.

‘The wax protects the exterior surface and the oils penetrate the timber below,’ said Pam. ‘If damage does occur to the outer layer of timber, the oils protect the wood and prevent permanent damage from occurring.’

High performance

This Knight table (pictured below) was custom-built a year ago for a busy family. The table is used every day for meals, children’s craft and homework. To maintain the surface, the family use Osmo products provided by Urban Timber, including a spray cleaner on a fortnightly basis, and a rejuvenating spray every four months. The Osmo finish has stood up to the constant use and the Knight table looks and feels like new.

Urban Timber used an Osmo UV protector on the outdoor table pictured below. ‘Our customers were unable to cover the table for the first few months and had to leave it in the full winter sun,’ said Shane. ‘But the Osmo finish protected it against the elements. Our customers were very happy to report the table still looks as good as new.’

Sustainable and repairable

A repairable surface increases the longevity, and therefore the sustainability of furniture. Osmo finishes prevent most damage occurring in the first place. Small scratches can be remedied by using the maintenance spray. Larger scratches or marks can be re-sanded and a fresh coat of Osmo applied. For example, a wet can of shaving cream left a rust mark on the surface of the Knight Vanity pictured below. Urban Timber quickly rectified the situation by sanding back the top layer and reapplying the Osmo finish.

For more information about Osmo finishes visit the finishes page of our website or visit Osmo Australia.